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DSFederal launches state-of-the-art fire simulation technology

In an age of advanced technology, why recreate an actual fire for training purposes if its digital counterpart could be just as convincing as the real thing?

DSFederal, in collaboration with partner company SILKAN USA, recently launched the Fire Simulation (FIRESIM), a high-powered simulation tool that reinvents the traditional fire experience to thoroughly prepare fire service and crisis management professionals in a realistic fashion.

One of DSFederal’s core competencies is the use of technology to enhance education and drive efficiency in government agencies. FIRESIM fully embodies the quest to bridge technology with cost-effective solutions. The company recently discussed FIRESIM with the Texas Fire Service Training Center and with attendees at the Fire-Rescue International, a Chicago conference in which hundreds of fire service professionals gathered to showcase the latest advancements in fire service training.

FIRESIM revolutionizes fire service and incident command training by organically depicting specific working conditions that match the real-life intensity of fire and emergency situations. It uses a three-dimensional model to recreate the particle-based effects of fire and smoke, and portrays a traditional fire scene crowded with onlookers and emergency vehicles.

FIRESIM advances fire training beyond static, one-dimensional models and implements advanced technology to educate and prepare the nation’s bravest professionals in fire and emergency services.


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