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DSFederal's Ladder Safety App aids safe ladder use

As smartphones and mobile technology use have become pervasive, mobile apps have gained extreme popularity, and allow users to complete routine tasks – such as depositing checks – using handheld devices.

The Federal government has taken notice of swift advances in mobile technology and its expanding role in consumers’ lives. As the digital landscape rapidly expands, government agencies are embracing technology that simplifies tasks and increases efficiency, allowing these agencies to reduce costs while seamlessly providing information to users.

DSFederal unveiled its own take on efficient mobile technology with the Ladder Safety application for the iPhone and Android, in support of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH.) The app allows ladder users and safety professionals to quickly verify the safety of ladder setup by providing three-dimensional graphics and accurate measurements. The app allows users to pinpoint the exact angle at which a ladder should be deployed, ensuring safety with the tap of a finger.

DSFederal focuses on blending emerging technology with cost-effective solutions, and has crafted an intelligent approach to the shifting mobile technology landscape. Inspired by the Office of Management and Budget’s Digital Government Strategy, DSFederal aims to grant an increasingly mobile workforce access to high-quality digital information and services at their fingertips. The app, along with its user manual, can be downloaded for both iPhones and Android devices through the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) website here: iOS Android


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