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"Voices of NIH" tells stories of patients, doctors, and researchers

National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently launched a new project, “Voices of the NIH Community,” designed to tell the personal stories of patients, doctors, nurses, survivors, and others whose lives are directly impacted by research.

The new feature, embedded on NIH’s “Who We Are” webpage, includes nearly 30 audio clips split into categories such as “NIH Saved My Life” and “The NIH You Might Not Know.” While some videos highlight cases in which NIH research led to life-saving discoveries, others underscore the loss and uncertainty that patients and their families face. Another segment, “The Care in Healthcare,” features the unique and powerful bonds that develop between doctors, nurses, and their patients.

“Voices of the NIH Community” represents a creative approach to telling the stories of those who are directly affected by the work of health-related agencies, which DSFederal is honored to support.

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