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DSFederal-IDEA Foundation co-sponsors event series on Asian-American civic engagement

DSFederal IDEA Foundatioin

The Princeton Club of Washington, DC (PCW) and the Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton (A4P) joined forces to host the Summer 2016 Breakfast Seminar Series, a six-week campaign co-sponsored by the DSFederal-IDEA Foundation to encourage civic engagement within the Asian Pacific American Community. The series includes a total of four sessions. Each seminar features prominent guest speakers from the Asian Pacific American Community, and focuses on current issues affecting the community.

The collaboration between PCW and A4P engages community leaders, encouraging them to confront and discuss certain issues that minorities face, including stereotypes, lack of standardization, insufficient sources of communal funding, and loss of identity. From “Getting to the Roots of American Stereotyping of Asians in 2016” to “The Missing Minority and the Role of Minority Serving Institutions” and “Investing in Community: Giving for Good Among Asian Americans,” the Breakfast Seminar Series offers an opportunity for members of the Asian Pacific American Community to join the conversation, add their thoughts, and find their own voices. Series sponsors include:

  • The DSFederal-IDEA Foundation

  • International Leadership Foundation

  • KoBE (Korean Business Enterprise)

  • Maryland International Development Center

  • Seven Seas Restaurant

Speakers from the Summer 2016 Breakfast Seminar Series include:

  • John Kuo Wei Tchen, Ph.D, of New York University and Museum of Chinese in American (Session 1)

  • Christopher Lu, JD, of the Department of Labor (Session 1)

  • Neil Horikoshi, JD, of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (Session 2)

  • Surjeet Ahluwalia, MPP, of Asian American LEAD (Session 2)

  • Angie Tang, MBA, of Asia Value Advisors (Session 3)

  • Kyung B. Yoon, MA, of the Korean American Community Foundation (Session 3)

  • Victor Kuo, PhD, of VK Global Advising (Session 3)

Video recordings of the sessions can be viewed at A4P DC's official YouTube channel.


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