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DSFederal-IDEA Foundation co-sponsors seminar on civic engagement

Janelle Wong, Mark Lee Keam, Sophia Parker

The DSFederal-IDEA Foundation helped sponsor the final session of the Summer 2016 Breakfast Seminar Series, which focused on “The Future of the Asian American Electorate: Growing Influence to Help Our Community.” The six-week campaign, hosted by the Princeton Club of Washington, DC (PCW) and the Asian American Alumni Association of Princeton (A4P), engaged community leaders in a series of events that covered topics that concern the Asian-American community.

The discussion was led by speaker Janelle Wong, PhD,, from the University of Maryland; the Honorable Mark Lee Keam, JD, of the Virginia House of Delegates served as moderator. Dr. Wong presented an insightful look into the current Asian-American population and its electoral presence in the United States. As the state delegate in Virginia’s 35th House District and the first Asian-born immigrant elected to state-level office in Virginia, Delegate Keam was eager to offer his behind-the-scenes perspective on the Asian-American electorate . Keam expressed enthusiasm regarding the attendance of many community leaders of the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) population , demonstrating an increase in engagement throughout the Asian American electorate.

Said Keam, “As a leader, whether in politics or business, there needs to be something you want, then how you plan on getting there, and finally the team – there’s no way you can be a leader by yourself.”

The DSFederal-IDEA Foundation recorded each seminar; videos can be viewed on A4P DC’s official YouTube channel.


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