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DSFederal celebrates Older Americans Month

#OAM17 Poster, Administration for Community Living

What do Amy Craton, Tom Choate, and Betty White have in common? All achieved long-dreamed-of goals, years after what is traditionally considered retirement age. Craton received her bachelor's degree at age 94, Choate summited Denali at age 78, and White hosted "Saturday Night Live" for the first time at age 88.

They also all exemplify the theme of Older Americans Month, which begins today. In a culture in which people sometimes go to extreme lengths to look or feel younger, the Administration for Community Living (ACL) is defying the youth movement, leading the celebration of Older Americans Month, with “Age Out Loud” as its theme. ACL, a DSFederal client, is an HHS organization dedicated to empowering older people and those with disabilities to live where they choose and participate fully in their communities.

The history of Older Americans Month dates back to the Kennedy administration. In 1963, as the OAM website notes, only 17 million living Americans had reached age 65. Many older people lived in poverty, and few programs existed to serve the needs of older Americans. To raise awareness, President Kennedy issued a proclamation declaring May 1963 as "Senior Citizens Month," and the OAM tradition was established. During this year's Older Americans Month, ACL encourages older Americans to:

  1. Know Their Rights

  2. Stay Engaged

  3. Strive for Wellness

  4. Explore New Things

DSFederal is proud to support ACL's mission of empowering and supporting older Americans, and to join in the celebration of Older Americans Month.


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