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DSFederal's Keturah Dubar receives NIH "One OHR" award

Keturah Dubar, DSFederal's NIH Training Center Project Manager, received a "One OHR" award at the NIH Office of Human Resources May 10 recognition ceremony. Keturah, who joined DSFederal in 2017, was the only contractor honored. With a team of IT Specialists, Program Support Specialists, Graphic Designers, and Administrative Specialists, DSFederal provides program management support for the Training Center. As Project Manager and team leader, Keturah oversees a wide range of support services; she also directly supports travel and logistics for the NIH Deputy Director's Seminar Series.

DSFederal PM Keturah Dubar accepts NIH "One OHR" award

With over ten years of meeting planning and logistics experience, Keturah has supported training and operations for several biomedical and research organizations, including the National Cancer Institute, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), and the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI). When asked about her job, Keturah says simply "I love it," emphasizing that her team's work frees NIH's scientists to focus on lifesaving biomedical research, rather than operational and administrative tasks.

As Keturah explains, the NIH Training Center offers a "wide array of classes" covering everything from administrative compliance (travel, acquisition, and timekeeping) to professional development, technical topics, and leadership skills for executives and managers. The Training Center conducts new employee orientations, so NIH employees become acquainted with Training Center staff on Day 1; and Keturah and her team work to develop relationships with employees and managers through ongoing communication. In addition to her program management responsibilities, Keturah also serves on NIH's marketing, website, and newsletter committees, ensuring that staff and leadership at NIH are aware of the many training and development opportunities that the center offers.

DSFederal supports several NIH programs, including the Training Center, the Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization (RCDC) program, and the Center for Scientific Review (CSR). We are honored to serve NIH's mission of conducting and funding groundbreaking medical research, and proud of the outstanding efforts of employees like Keturah.


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