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DSFederal awarded ORI Subject Matter Experts re-compete

DSFederal. Inc., was awarded a five-year re-compete contract to support the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Research integrity (ORI). Through this contract, DSFederal will continue to provide ORI’s Division of Investigative Oversight (DIO) with subject matter experts (SMEs) who can oversee research misconduct investigations. We will also continue to support ORI’s Division of Education and Integrity (DEI) with development of multi-platform educational content, including videos, infographics, and posters.

ORI promotes integrity of Public Health Services (PHS)-supported research at more than 5,000 institutions nationwide, and requires those institutions to establish policies and procedures for handling misconduct. DIO focuses on investigations of research misconduct, while DEI creates educational content on responsible conduct of research (RCR). DSFederal supports both Divisions, by providing the experts and analysts who investigate the many reports and inquiries regarding research misconduct, and who help design workshops and materials to teach researchers about research misconduct and how to avoid it.

DSFederal has collaborated with ORI since 2012, providing core program support, and our SMEs have a collective 53 years of experience supporting ORI. With this experience, we have developed an extensive understanding of ORI’s policy framework and priorities. In addition to providing providing clinical and non-clinical research misconduct investigators, DSFederal has also assisted ORI with web development, meeting and event logistics and travel, and database management, , among other tasks.

With this new contract, we will continue providing specialized SMEs, including not only misconduct investigators, but also compliance/whistleblower experts, program analysts, research and design experts, forensics experts, education specialists, and an investigative analyst. In addition, to meet ORI’s evolving needs, DSFederal will now maintain a pool of experts in different areas using our network of connection.

DSFederal has a long record of successfully supporting scientific and biomedical research. For example, we have helped NIH’s Center for Scientific Review (CSR) to improve its grant process by implementing a fair and transparent review procedure. For the Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS), we provide Scientific Information Analysts, Scientific Text Analysts, and computational linguistics SMEs, who develop, analyze, and maintain standardized biomedical categories, working with NIH experts to ensure the accuracy and relevance of these categories. We also support the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), providing administrative, program management, and library services that free USAMRIID scientists to focus on vital research efforts.

“DSFederal is honored to continue assisting ORI with its critically important mission,” said DSFederal CEO Sophia Parker, “ORI protects the integrity of PHS-funded research, and the health and biomedical discovery work of PHS-supported research institutions improve health and quality of life for people around the world.” DSFederal is pleased to continue helping ORI to make the world a better place through its dedication to scientific research integrity.


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