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DSFederal at the University of Maryland

Sr. Recruiter Giselle Martinez, Tech Writer Collin Dobbins, and HR Manager Celia de la Torre

DSFederal was pleased to attend the Fall Career Fair at the University of Maryland on September 20, 2017. Senior Recruiter Giselle Martinez, HR Manager Celia de la Torre, and Technical Writer Collin Dobbins (a recent college graduate) met many bright and talented students, and we will definitely be keeping an eye out come graduation season. UMD is recognized as one of the best public universities in the country, and the students we met exemplified this reputation for excellence. In addition to allowing us to meet so many talented students, the university was also kind enough to provide our team with support and amenities that made our job of connecting with students both fun and easy.

Fear the Turtle! Collin and Celia with Testudo

The University of Maryland, a diverse community of 38,000 students, 9,000 faculty and staff, and 352,000 alumni, is the flagship campus of the state’s higher educational system. Many DSFederal employees, with degrees in disciplines including science and engineering, accounting and finance, and journalism and English, are proud graduates of UMD; and their accomplishments prove that UMD students are some of the best that Maryland and the nation have to offer. DSFederal looks forward to continuing to work with UMD; and in the coming months, we hope to welcome current students and 2018 grads as interns and new hires.



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