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Data Coalition welcomes DSFederal as a new industry member

DSFederal is pleased to announce our new membership in the Data Coalition, “the world’s only trade association dedicated to the transformation of government information into standardized, open data.” Nicholas Foley, DSFederal’s Director of Strategic Innovation, describes the organization as “advocates for transparency and accountability in government spending.” As Nick explains, we were introduced to the Data Coalition and its work through our work supporting DATA Act compliance for the HHS Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources (ASFR).

"Widespread adoption of standardized open data will have enormous positive impacts on government-business and government-citizen interactions,” says DSFederal CEO Sophia Parker. “Our work on the DATA Act Pilot and on development of the CDER Library Web Application for HHS has positioned DSFederal as a leader in data standardization. Our membership in the Data Coalition will help us build on that experience by allowing us to partner with government and the private sector to continue the pursuit of accountability and transparency through open data.”


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