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DSFederal's Lauren Gibson wins NIH CSR Director's Award and Employee of the Month Award

The NIH Center for Scientific Review is dedicated to ensuring that NIH grant applications--thousands each year--"receive fair, independent, expert, and timely NIH can fund the most promising research." DSFederal has served CSR since 2009, with a team of Analysts and Administrative Assistants who work onsite at NIH, providing technical, analytical, and administrative support for the peer review process.

Lauren Gibson with CSR Director Dr. Richard Nakamura

Lauren Gibson with CSR Director Dr. Richard Nakamura

Project Manager Lauren Gibson is the latest of many DSFederal employees who have received NIH recognition awards for their work at CSR. Lauren received a CSR Director's Award on April 18; she will also be honored as CSR Employee of the Month in May. Lauren and her team have helped CSR streamline processes, boost efficiency, and improve service to grant applicants. We are honored to support CSR's efforts to provide fair and independent review of grant applications, and we are especially proud of our award-winning team.


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