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The coolest people at the hottest conference: DSFederal at Tableau Conference 2018

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Left to right: Thiagarajan Prakash, Echo Wang, Nigel Shaw, Jessica Chen, Sophia Wu. You can tell they're cool because of the sunglasses.

DSFederal Lead Data Analyst Echo Wang jokingly refers to herself and DSFederal teammates as "data geeks," but we think that our data experts are cooler than rock stars, and not just because of their sunglasses.

"Data-driven" has become a buzz phrase in Federal contracting, but DSFederal has been developing data-focused solutions to complex problems since 2014. From our long support of the DATA Act Section 5 Pilot for HHS (recently recognized by OMB); to the Healthy Start Monitoring and Evaluation Database (HSMED) that we built for the Maternal and Child Health Bureau in 2015 to our brand-new data science project for the National Agricultural Library, we continue to quietly build our presence as thought leaders in the fields of data science and data analytics.

Our team of data SMEs attended last week's Tableau Conference in New Orleans. The team networked with data science experts from around the country; and attended training workshops and labs, including hands-on sessions covering advanced mapping, calculations, dashboard visualization techniques, and integrating with Python and R to improve statistical analysis.

With Tableau now established as an industry-standard data visualization tool, DSFederal is committed to expanding our expertise in this go-to platform. We look forward to using Tableau and other data visualization tools to develop new approaches to solving health, safety, and information technology problems.


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