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Himalayan Data Analysis: Tableau for Beginners

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Himalayan Database visualization

During a lunch and learn session this week, DSFederal team members learned that you can gather and visualize data on almost anything--including a mountain-climbing expedition! Sr. Solutions Architect Nigel Shaw writes that the Himalayan Database (a free online database that houses records of Himalayan expeditions dating back to 1905) served as the data source for the training, noting that "some of our experienced staff were also inspired and they built some beautiful dashboards that we posted to Tableau Public," adding to our growing library of visualizations.

We're excited about the creative potential behind Tableau visualizations, which offer researchers and analysts and lay people new ways to understand data and the stories behind it. From mountain expeditions to maternal and child health, data helps to reveal truth; and creative visualizations help to clarify it. It's an exciting time. We can't wait to climb the next mountain.


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