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Celebrating the Year of the Pig, DSFederal-style

It's the Year of the Pig, and DSFederal celebrated with a traditional (and huge) Chinese lunch, served at Rockville HQ. With the help of Lead Data Analyst Echo Wang, NGITS QA Lead Vicki Wang, Accounting Specialist Jingjing Li, Data Scientist Siyi Huang, Contracts Manager Maggie Lin, Administrative Assistant Ekaterina Casa, HR Generalist Keria Moorehead, Senior Recruiter Leigh Kelley, and sister Sandy Chang, CEO Sophia Parker prepared and served a traditional Chinese feast, supplemented by desserts and side dishes (including mac and cheese!) contributed by DSFederal staff. A team of volunteers carried the enormous pots and trays from Sophia’s car to the sixth-floor DSFederal office, laid the table, and the party began.

As always, Sophia distributed hongbao, small red envelopes filled with cash, for DSFederal employees’ children. With their lucky money in hand, the children are assured of good luck for the coming year. DSFederal loves a party, and we celebrate traditional holidays from all of the many cultures represented by our staff. Sophia’s Taiwanese heritage makes Chinese New Year especially festive—the office is decorated, staff members wear red, and food is so plentiful that in-the-know employees bring containers for leftovers.

This year’s menu:

  • Steamed pork ribs with rice flour

  • Red bean peanut soup with yam and taro balls

  • Rice meatballs

  • Three-cup chicken

  • Dumplings

  • Cabbage and duck soup

  • Baked rice cakes

  • Braised dishes (beef, eggs, kelp, tofu)

  • Braised duck with beer

  • Roasted pork and roasted duck

DSFederal wishes everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Pig.


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