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Former CDC Health Scientist Yinong Chong joins DSFederal

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Yinong Chong has over 20 years of experience dedicated to research, data visualization, and professional training; and she joins DSFederal as our Principal Health Data Scientist. Eager to see how IT technology and data science can change the way we relate to data, she looks forward to working with DSFederal’s wide-ranging IT infrastructure and data architecture and data analytics expertise. She believes that emerging developments in IT and AI technology will change the landscape of data science in a dramatic way.

Yinong writes, “I’m a quick learner and have very broad interests, and I love connecting with people through work. In life and in work, I truly listen and understand what they’re saying. I like to do projects in a team and work with people from different backgrounds. That’s what I truly love to do.” Her 2019 goals include working on truly meaningful projects, and she hopes to advance her data science skills to benefit public health. She also intends to focus on holistic ways to live and work. As a brand-new DSFederaler, she loves that everyone works together so closely; and she believes that this environment will allow her to explore, learn, and develop and implement new ideas. Her additional interests include Qigong, Tai Chi, and singing. Yinong is also an avid fan of all types of dance. We are delighted to welcome her to DSFederal.


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