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DSFederal’s NIHTC Staff Proves Teamwork Makes the Dream Work for Smooth Online Transition

“Keturah has led the team with her calm manner and “can do” attitude...”

"...Jamel has been instrumental in several NIH Training Center projects, including the 2020 NIH Training Needs Assessment.”

“For the “behind the scenes” work, Yemisi is one to applaud...”

“...Jessica, Tyese and Christina are solid performers maintaining class logistics.”

“Minda continues to focus on website updates while Miranda has picked up where Keria left off...”

“...Glenn and Albert are the wizards behind the curtain. They act as technical gurus and customer service reps.”

“...This agile group is a breath of fresh air, especially now.”

This is just a sampling of the kudos received by DSFederal’s NIH Training Center team from Barb LeClair, Deputy Director of the NIH Training Center. These words of commendation carry even more weight as businesses struggle to adjust to the restrictions of teleworking during the Corona crisis. Project Manager Keturah Dubar admitted, “Although it’s hard not having the team face-to-face, we spend a lot of time together. Having such a strong team helps a lot.”

The 2020 Training Survey, sent to approximately five thousand NIH employees, was one of many work challenges the team recently met with professionalism and proficiency. The team also aced “behind the scenes” work such as registering students for courses, making sure course payments were properly processed, and ensuring that students knew how to log in for class.

“We were thrown by Covid-19,” Keturah said. “We had to go from a frontward-centered environment to online in a matter of days. There was no time for thinking. Just action. Everything went online. There was lots of coordinating between program managers, vendors, and our staff. But we had lots of experience and a great tech team, made up of Albert Sun and Glenn Dempster, who put together a training guide to help people learn how to seamlessly get online and enter the virtual classroom. That made a big difference.”

Training coordinators Jessica Whitaker, Christina Dyal, and Tyese Cox, Lead Training Coordinator Jamel Porter, and a team of nine Federal Program Managers worked in conjunction with Support Specialist Yemisi Marshall, who oversees the Training Center management programs and mentors the training coordinators.

Keturah, who is no stranger to accolades and congratulations, takes the kudos in stride: “I thought that was awesome of Barb to recognize us. It goes a long way.”

DSFederal realizes it is only as strong as its teams. Hats off to the NIH Training Center Team for being the calm during this Covid-19 storm.

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