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DSFederal NGITS Team Providing High Level Integration and Coordination Management

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

The Problem

When contract requirements changed from engineering into three separate blanket purchase agreements, NGITS needed assistance acquiring, integrating, aggregating and auditing critical call data, as well as help managing vendors.

Our Solutions

We conducted thorough audits of their performance in accordance with the SLAs. We helped them determine where they were not meeting performance thresholds, helped calculate financial disincentives, and helped them navigate the evaluation process.

The Result

We helped them make this transition through the auditing process and the disincentive calculation process.

The client transitioned from having no process, to having a complete system to examine audits, exceptions and to determine financial disincentives.

Because we took the reins, NGITS can focus on higher priorities and deliver greater service to the IT community.

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