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We connect the dots between data, organizations, and people

DSFederal combines the advantages of a small, agile business with the processes and discipline of a large organization. Together, these capabilities enhance quality, reduce risk and boost performance. 

Where Science and Technology Merge


Our people and our expertise converge in a collaborative, steadfast way to meet our clients’ most complex, critical challenges. DSFederal unites subject matter expertise with leading-edge technologies in the areas of:


Information Technology (IT)

Our user-centric solutions promote stakeholder satisfaction and achieve mission results by connecting people to whomever they serve. We support the full development lifecycle, including modernization, cloud, and web and application development/integration. For your organization, that means cleaner data, better information and improved outcomes.


  • Technology Modernization

  • Cloud Migration

  • Website Development 

  • Software Application Development and Integration

  • Operations and Maintenance Support

IT Anchor

Data Analytics

The volume of data today is almost limitless. The challenge—to collect, harmonize, mine and analyze a vast expanse of data that will lead to better decision making and improve mission outcomes.


  • Data Visualization


  • Data Science

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

Data Analytics Anchor

Program Management/Support

Our program management experts work to uncover efficiencies and increase performance throughout the lifecycle of your project. DSFederal delivers real value by providing process analysis, domain expertise, risk management and innovative solutions that streamline workflows and allow our clients to focus on their missions. 


  • Grants Management

  • Program Management Office (PMO)

  • Business Process Improvement

Program Management Anchor

Training and Technical Assistance

To keep pace with the ever-changing work environment, organizations must adjust to new technologies, consolidated processes and evolving legislative mandates. We recognize your need to keep an eye on the future, continuously seeking the next challenge and being eager to transform in order to better accomplish your missions. 


  • Human Capital Development

  • Training

  • Technical Assistance

Training Anchor

Success Stories

A Leading-Edge Website for a World-Class Research Library

The National Agricultural Library (NAL)

Data Migration and Drupal Development

Low-code Modernization for Mission-Critical Army Research

Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

IT Platform Modernization

With Our Expert Technical Support, NIH Scientists Can Focus on Research, Not Reporting

NIH Office of Extramural Research (OER)


We support RCDC with an award-winning team of Scientific Information Analysts (SIAs)

Improving Health Outcomes for At-Risk Mothers and Babies

HHS, Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) Healthy Start Program

The Healthy Start Data Collection Tool helps to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities for mothers and babies.

Enhancing Performance for the HIV/AIDS Bureau


Building Futures: Supporting Youth Living with HIV/AIDS 

Improving the student experience at NIH

National Institute of Health (NIH) Training Center

With standardized business processes, the Administration for Community Living can focus on serving its clients.

Simplifying Compliance for Small Business Owners

Streamlining Processes to Strengthen Mission Focus

HHS, Next Generation IT Services (NGITS)


IT Program Powers Collaboration, Communication, Productivity, and Performance

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