Companies to Collaborate in Bringing Innovative AI-Enabled Solutions to the Public Sector

ROCKVILLE, Md., Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DSFederal, Inc., an established Woman-owned Small Business, has announced today that is has entered into a strategic collaboration agreement with Taiwan AI Labs,  to bring innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled solutions to the U.S. public sector market.  The collaboration will combine DSFederal’s leading data science and analytics capabilities with Taiwan AI Labs’ cutting edge AI-enabled federated learning and validation platform and cognitive AI solutions to address emerging needs in both public health and national security. 

The alliance will focus on two, separate but interrelated initiatives.  The first will leverage distributed syndication constructs in federated learning to improve local and system wide infectious disease modeling, forecasting, and analytics for public health purposes.  The second will build upon Taiwan AI Labs’ innovative Infodemic platform to track and assess the propagation of misinformation impacting national security concerns.  Both initiatives will be integrative in cross pollinating differential insights associated with the transmission spread of disease and disinformation.   

“The spread of infectious diseases as well as misinformation both exhibit biological characteristics that can help inform integrative learning and analysis of mechanistic pathways to determine what is happening and what may happen in the future,” said Clement Chen, Chief Executive Officer, DSFederal. “We are very excited to partner with Taiwan AI Labs, the first open AI research institute in Asia focused on trustworthy AI computing, responsible AI methodologies and right-respecting solutions.  Together, we will push the envelope in creating new ways to improve health and security for the U.S. and other democratic societies.”

“In our push to define the future of AI experiences for human well-being, a focus on health and security quickly rises to the top in importance,” said Ethan Tu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Taiwan AI Labs.  “We believe the combination of our innovative AI driven solutions in both domains and the data science and services skills of DSFederal will create meaningful positive impact for the U.S., Taiwan and indeed, the world. We look forward to exploring these possibilities together.”

DSFederal is committed to laying hold of innovative advances in tech enabling mission accomplishment wherever such innovations may happen to emerge.  Since 2007, DSFederal has been instrumental in supporting federal agencies achieve mission success by harnessing actionable insights from applied information. The company is steadfast in its commitment to delivering the “DS Difference” – a commitment rooted in creating value through data science, data services, and digital solutions to assure delivery success. 

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