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Information Technology (IT)

Our user-centric solutions promote stakeholder satisfaction and achieve mission results by connecting people to whomever they serve. We support the full development lifecycle, including modernization, cloud, and web and application development/integration. For your organization, that means cleaner data, better information and improved outcomes.

  • Technology Modernization
    Count on DSFederal subject matter experts to support the transition from legacy systems to modern systems, and to support the necessary levels of security, functionality and efficiency so government employees better serve our country and our fellow citizens.

  • Cloud Migration
    No matter what cloud solution you choose, we work through the entire lifecycle of the migration, concentrating on cost, performance and security every step of the way—to ensure your mission is never compromised.  

  • Website Development 
    DSFederal employs a strategic approach to web development, utilizing the latest technologies and focusing on the end-user’s needs. Our proven past performance allows us to build the best solutions for our clients in the areas of web design, web content management, and web content development.

  • Software Application Development and Integration
    DSFederal software and application teams work closely with our clients to develop, apply and implement innovative solutions to support their missions. Thanks to our disciplined project management processes and our state-of-the-art methodologies, we ensure the work is secure as well as on time and on budget.

  • Operations and Maintenance Support
    With operational support staff who are trained to know all about your specific business processes and procedures, we enable your organization to run smoothly and effectively. Your operations team can rely on DSFederal for the full range of services, including functional user support, report development, technical support, database administration and knowledge transfer.

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