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We support research innovation and integrity to aid critical research efforts, including HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, and biodefense.  From Army researchers at USAMRIID to research evaluators at NIH to health researchers seeking to improve care for at-risk mothers and infants, our customers rely on DSFederal to advance their goal of improving human health and saving lives.
  • Biomedical research support (HIV/AIDS, maternal/child health, biodefense)
  • Research integrity
  • Research analysis/classification
  • Global research collaboration

Improving Health Outcomes for At-Risk Mothers and Babies

HHS, Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) Healthy Start Program

The Healthy Start Data Collection Tool helps to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities for mothers and babies.


The MCHB Healthy Start Program works to improve health outcomes for women and children enrolled in 100 grantee programs throughout the U.S., targeting issues such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), preterm births, and low birth weight. To better assess the quality and effectiveness of the Healthy Start Program, MCHB required monthly client-level data that would reveal information about the needs and characteristics of its funded population on an individual level.


We built a role-based database application that enabled grantees to submit client-level and community-level data (such as socioeconomic and demographic data; and health, mental health, and social services outcomes.) In order to meet HRSA’s aggressive delivery deadline, we worked rapidly to gather requirements from stakeholders, including government users and grantees. With intensive stakeholder involvement, DSFederal was able to build an entirely new system, from start to delivery, in 90 days, achieving 100% customer satisfaction.


The Healthy Start system allows HRSA program officers and leadership to analyze real-time client-level data for the first time ever—ultimately helping to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities for more than 80,000 mothers and children.

Better data means better health for mothers and babies. 

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