Fang Fang is a Data Science Lead at DSFederal. She is responsible for providing Artificial Intelligence assisted support services to the NIH Office of Extramural Research for their grant evaluation processes and applicant account management systems. She is a seasoned professional in the realm of medical health research and data analysis, having over 15 years of experience with medical textual analysis, medical image analysis, genomics analysis, and clinical trials.

Prior to DSFederal, Dr. Fang was a data scientist at Aurotech Corp where she developed algorithms to study opioid overdose patterns for the FDA and created a cloud-based EBDA platform which connected a variety of FDA data sources. Preceding Aurotech Corp, she was an enterprise data specialist at Spatial Cubes LLC where she built algorithms to identify markers of early-stage bladder cancer and explore environmental determinants of health.

Dr. Fang graduated from Central South University with a Ph.D. in Clinical Laboratory Science and an M.D in Internal Medicine.