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Administrative Support

To keep pace with the ever-changing work environment, organizations must adjust to new technologies, consolidated processes and evolving legislative mandates. We recognize your need to keep an eye on the future, continuously seeking the next challenge and being eager to transform in order to better accomplish your missions. 


  • Human Capital Development
    DSFederal provides guidance on assessment techniques that measure progress and outcomes for program and policy effectiveness. We build talent management strategies that support and shape your current workforce as you prepare for what’s next.

  • Technical Assistance
    We build capacity to address gaps or areas of improvement for primary health care programs and at-risk communities. From start to finish, we work collaboratively with program recipients to design a plan that they can actually implement, monitor, adjust, and improve until they achieve the outcomes they desire. 

DSFederal Virtual Reality for Training and Education

DSFederal Virtual Reality for Training and Education

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