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DSFederal offers world-class fire education through FEMA

DSFederal continues to forge ahead in providing top-tier fire education in support of the National Fire Academy (NFA). The company was tapped by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to create two new courses for NFA: “Challenges of the Future” and “New Fire Chief: Contemporary Issues,” which both deal with developing challenges in the fire services landscape.

The courses are rooted in a forward-thinking mentality, and an awareness of the need to adapt to emerging issues. This reflects one of DSFederal’s main goals in its support of NFA: To offer courses that address the vast scope of changes and developments in the fire services field.

FEMA first tapped DSFederal to create an array of NFA courses ranging from campus fire safety to fire arson investigation. One course deals with the intricacies of exercising leadership ethically; another details the process of analyzing first-degree burns on charred bodies to determine a fire’s origin and cause.

DSFederal also designs and implements a course about fighting wildfires, a type of fire that has blazed across California hillsides. These fires can scorch more than 10,000 acres at a time and require the assistance of as many as 9,000 firefighters.


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