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DSFederal CEO Sophia Parker honors Susie Kim's memory at Kennedy Center event

In 2000, Susie Kim, who dedicated her life to helping children with cancer, lost her own battle with the disease. On Saturday, a group of people profoundly touched by her spirit gathered to bring her memory alive in song.

At the event, the 12th annual “Memorial to Susie Kim” concert at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, DSFederal CEO Sophia Parker gave a speech honoring Kim, who lost her year-and-a-half long battle with cancer on August 8, 2000. Kim had devoted her life to helping children who struggled with cancer at the NIH Children’s Inn in Bethesda. Her courage as she selflessly served children, even in the face of her own struggle, inspired everyone who knew her.

At the concert, held by the National Association of Professional Asian American Women (NAPAW), Parker emphasized the importance of embracing every aspect of life.

“As we drive home tonight under the beautiful bright moon and shining stars, humming the lyrics from tonight, we should all have a smile on our face knowing that we are the blessed ones; knowing that we are reminded, in a beautiful way, the meaning of being alive is to be a part of a greater love,” she said at the event. “Look up in the sky and find that shining star for Susie and let her know that we are with her; we are also committed to Susie’s cause of eradicating suffering from cancer for all mankind."


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