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How to help, one diaper at a time

As Hurricane Harvey continues on its destructive path through the Houston area, many of us at DSFederal have wondered how we can help the people of Houston. Although many major charities and organizations (including the Salvation Army, Heart to Heart International, and the American Red Cross) are raising millions of dollars and mobilizing large-scale relief efforts, smaller organizations are also seeking support as they focus on more targeted, specific needs.

The Texas Diaper Bank, for example, provides diapers and other essentials to needy families in ten Texas counties. According to NPR's Morning Edition, the organization has been overwhelmed with additional requests for support, as evacuees in temporary shelters have begun to run out of diapers and infant supplies. (The DC Diaper Bank offers similar help to local families in need.)

The Houston Food Bank (now closed because of storm damage) is also seeking funds, so that it will be ready to serve displaced Houstonians when storm waters recede and it can resume operations. Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies concentrates on providing disaster relief targeted to the needs of individuals with disabilities. Even pets are in need of emergency help: The SPCA of Texas is offering help for families seeking pet-friendly temporary housing or shelter.

Large or small, all of these organizations are working to provide immediate relief to the suffering Houston area. The need, however, will continue long after the storm and flooding end. DSFederal will be launching several internal initiatives to encourage awareness and support for organizations that serve people in need, and will share additional resources in the weeks to come. For now. our thoughts are with the people of Houston.


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