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DSFederal PM serves people in need, at home and abroad

Dominic Francis, a technical Project Manager supporting DSFederal's FDA Clarity project, is also a dedicated humanitarian. A native of India, Dominic knows first-hand the challenges that immigrants face when they arrive in the United States, and language is often the greatest barrier and the most difficult to overcome. As a volunteer with an ESL program at St. John's Lutheran church in Alexandria, VA, Dominic has been teaching English to immigrants from many countries for over seven years.

DSFederal Project Manager Dominic Francis

He also supports charitable efforts overseas, especially Sevalaya, an organization that offers housing and education to young women who work as domestic helpers. By providing the young workers with a safe home and schooling, the organization protects them from exploitation and abuse, and trains them for careers that offer a better future than domestic work. Dominic's cousin, Sister Yutta Dias, serves as the home's superior; and having visited the residence, Dominic has seen first-hand the positive effects that the program has had.

In addition to his teaching and volunteer work for Sevalaya, Dominic also supports Sambhali, an organization that works to improve the lives of Dalit women; and sponsors a child through Unbound, an organization that matches donors with people in need. As he explains, Unbound's model allows donors to correspond with the people they help, fostering relationships rather than impersonal financial contributions.

As the father of almost-grown children, Dominic acknowledges that he has the flexibility and time to travel and volunteer, which parents of young children might not be able to do. However, he also notes that not every service effort requires long hours or distant travel--the ESL classes, for example, take only an hour or two each week, and efforts like Unbound are completely online.

Dominic believes that his charitable work not only helps others in need, but that it's a way to express gratitude for his own good fortune. DSFederal is also grateful for Dominic, whose generosity and energy serve as an inspiration for all of us.


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