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From "how the world should be changed" to "how it can be changed": Winning Code-

A new post on the HHS Office of the Chief Technology Officer's blog highlights the work of Origami Innovations, treatment track winner of the National HHS Opioid Code-a-Thon. Origami, led by a Yale graduate student, developed a "ground-up solution," rather than taking a "traditional top-down approach," earning a unanimous first-place vote from the judges.

DSFederal also competed in the Code-a-Thon (prevention track), working through the night to develop the prototype for a secure, versatile, scalable, cloud-based solution focused on identifying trends and developing prevention models via predictive analytics. Our team will continue to work toward making this solution a valuable weapon in the fight to end the opioid crisis. Congratulations to Origami Innovations, and to all of the teams that recognize the potential of data solutions to address this public health crisis. DSFederal believes that efforts like the Code-a-Thon represent "something new, something inspired," and we look forward to continuing to refine our solution in the hope that it will become a valuable weapon to fight the opioid abuse epidemic.


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