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"Safer Products Start Here." DSFederal-developed Regulatory Robot goes live

CPSC Regulatory Robot graphic

In September 2017, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) sought DSFederal’s help with an upgrade of its Regulatory Robot application. The Regulatory Robot is an interactive online tool that provides users, particularly small businesses, with quick, free access to information about testing, labeling, and certification requirements, making it much easier for businesses to comply with those requirements. Using the Robot, product manufacturers and importers can answer a series of questions that will help the Robot to identify regulatory requirements governing the proposed products. After completing the Robot-generated questionnaire, users receive a detailed report summarizing regulations that apply to their product.

The original Regulatory Robot was difficult to use, and CPSC needed to improve its design and technology to make the Robot more user-friendly, and to improve completion rates. Thanks to the work of DSFederal’s Software Solutions team, CPSC now offers a streamlined new Regulatory Robot built on the .NET and Angular 5 frameworks. The new Regulatory Robot is a dramatic improvement over its predecessor, with CPSC describing it as “very intuitive” and “very clear.”

DSFederal’s Director of Software Solutions John Yu praises his team’s perseverance and dedication. He was particularly pleased to have the opportunity to work with the new Angular 5 framework, noting that he now considers his team to be “Angular 5 experts.” DSFederal has long supported CPSC’s efforts to protect the public by regulating product safety, and we are especially pleased to support the Regulatory Robot, a tool that is geared toward the needs of small businesses. To see the Regulatory Robot in action, visit


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