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I build beauty

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

The Japanese mastered the art of achieving harmony with nature a long time ago. We are still working on building our own zen of achieving harmony with data in all of its shapes and forms. It has been an evolution led by pioneers in art and data. Giorgia Lupi inspires me every day to bring humanity to data. She reminds us that every brushstroke, every pixel represents a person, that what we do with data visualization matters.

My own revolution has been learning to build beauty, to find that intersection between people and knowledge. My tools are data, lots of thinking, and a dose of inspiration. When we work with Tableau, we are not just working with a software product, we are working with an entire community of like-minded souls. You earn the recognition of Jedi or Ambassador or Zen Master by learning and giving and inspiring. Even today I still get a lot of pleasure introducing a new person to the power of Tableau and seeing them get excited and grow. It becomes about unleashing possibilities.

In the world of Information Management much of what we do requires that we stay between the guardrails. Tableau is one of the few products where we are only limited by our imagination. If you can dream it, you can do it - though sometimes your brain will complain from all the table calculations.

So, to all my muses I expect great things - as an art and a science data visualization is still young. Together we can achieve great things. So let's keep the ideas coming. Even the crazy, off-the-wall ideas. Many thanks to Ken Flerlage, Matt Chambers, Adam McCann, Lindsey Poulter, Brittany Fong, Gargi Chugh, Xiao Liu, and Siyi Huang. You all empower me.

Nigel Shaw is a Senior Solutions Architect at DSFederal.


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