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Summer at DSFederal: Our 2019 intern class

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

DSFederal interns Faith Giguere, Hsien Shen, and Jing LiJing

At DSFederal, summer wouldn’t be summer without a team of bright, dedicated interns in the building; and we are delighted to put the spotlight on our 2019 interns: Faith Giguere, Hsien Shen, and Jing Li. We asked Faith, Hsien, and Jing to share a little bit about their interests and ambitions. Here’s what we learned.

Faith Giguere is a new George Washington University graduate, with a bachelor's degree in computer science. As a Web Developer Intern, she is focused on the intranet. Faith's favorite thing about working at DSFederal is the people--she describes her coworkers friendly and inviting. When she's not at work, she enjoys volunteering with animals at the Humane Rescue Alliance, going for long runs around DC, and re-watching her favorite Marvel movies.

Hsien Shen hails from Taiwan and is studying computer science at Montgomery College. Hsien enjoys problem-solving and anything related to art. Having already earned a degree in art management, Hsien hopes for a career that will allow her to use her knowledge of computer science and management. Her goal is to be to become part of a project management team with a focus on computer science. Hsien enjoys exercise and outdoor activities, especially kayaking; and she also enjoys hanging out with her cat. Hsien writes "DSFederal is an interesting working environment. It's also my first time working in the computer science field. My mentors John and Jason are both very helpful, and I'm very excited to continue learning and growing during the next three months!"

Jing Li is a graduate student at Columbia University, majoring in data science. She wants to live in a world of data-driven innovation, and to build a bug-repellent force field around her laptop. Jing believes in the power of data to solve problems and build businesses, and her career aspiration is to bridge the gap between technology and business. When she is not playing around with models or numbers, you can find her volunteering in her community, cooking a delicious meal, or striving to complete one push-up. As a newcomer, Jing admires the seamless communication and open atmosphere at DSFederal. “People at DSFederal genuinely support others’ work,” she writes. “DSFederal employees are encouraged to speak up and share ideas."

We are grateful for our interns’ great contributions this summer, and we look forward to watching their future career trajectories.


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