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Employee Spotlight Russell Brown

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

"I believe that data science is an incredibly powerful tool with the potential to be useful to any situation from which you can collect data. I'm excited about the future of the field, and I'm very proud to support NAL in their efforts to integrate this technology into their services." -Russell Brown

Russell Brown is a talented Software Engineer and Data Scientist who creates visual models that offer key insights into critical statistical data and information. Using these insights, government stakeholders can spot trends and improve their understanding of program performance. Russell is currently helping the National Agricultural Library (NAL) Knowledge Services Division (KSD) to develop data analytic programs using technologies including machine learning, Python, and ELK. Thanks to Russell’s efforts, the DSFederal team has received recognition and praise from NAL.

Visit Tableau Public to see one of Russell’s USDA projects, the interactive Web Log Analysis Dashboard. Congratulations to Russell Brown, our employee spotlight of the week!!/vizhome/USDA-WebLogAnalysisDashboard/IndividualDashboard?publish=yes


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