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Columbia Graduate Student Siyang Zhang Furthers Her Data Analytics Skills as a DSFederal Intern

Data Science Intern Siyang Zhang is enjoying the opportunity to strengthen her technology skills during her three-month long summer internship at DSFederal, which began remotely at the start of May this year.

Under the capable guidance of Project Manager Echo Wang, Siyang’s work involves extracting key information from employee resumes to build an DSFederal employee Excel database, with categories of key attributes, including first and last names, agency worked at, projects, highest degree of education, detailed education information, languages, technical skills, and a personal summary. This master list parses out all the relevant attributes from each resume for every DSFederal employee!

Finally, she has designed and built a Tableau dashboard with graphic representations of each of these attributes as well as searchability of employees according to a specific category. This dashboard, which will eventually be available on the website, will provide clients with easy and efficient access to information on DSFederal employee competencies for past, present, and future projects.

Of this opportunity, Siyang said, “Echo and I meet [remotely] every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I find the work very interesting. It helps me practice my skills in Python and Tableau.”

Siyang didn’t initially start out in this field. In fact, in her undergraduate studies at the University of Hong Kong, she double majored in Economics and Finance. It wasn’t until she completed an internship in Data Analytics after college that she realized it might be the right field of study for her. Now, Siyang is an Applied Analytics and Data Science Master’s student at Columbia University, scheduled to graduate at the end of 2020.

What has Siyang found most enjoyable about interning at DSFederal this summer?

“The efficient communication with my portfolio manager. We respect each other’s ideas and discuss actively to reach a consensus. I learned a lot of new functions in Tableau in those discussions.”

Welcome, Siyang!

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