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DSFederal IT Personnel Working Tirelessly to Maintain Operations Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

 This is our Command Post before everything went virtual
This is our Command Post before everything went virtual

During this period of COVID-19 unpredictability, DSFederal’s IT Services personnel continue to demonstrate their dedication to the safety and security of the team.

This commendable department is staffed by James Donovan, Jeffrey Lewis, Justin Chang and Jonathan Chao. They are on the front line, ensuring that employees can maximize our IT infrastructure and network, and that everyone can continue to operate efficiently from remote locations. Their proactive leadership maximizes communications and coordination between DSFederal and our clients.

Of the department, Dr. John Pi, Chief Medical Officer, said: “They are assuming the responsibility and the risk in service of all of us.” He added, “They have established command posts at DSFederal to monitor the Help Desk and are providing  live video conferencing capabilities for anyone in need of assistance. I personally appreciate the entire IT group for their hard work and commitment to DSFederal during this time of crisis.”

James Donovan, IT Help Desk Supervisor, said: “I’m proud of my team for their hard work during this time. We will do our best to support everyone, and we look forward to the day when we can see everyone back in the office safely.”

Jeffrey Lewis, Help Desk Specialist, said: “I’m working to ensure that the company is running at one hundred percent and that employees are still safe and healthy in this time of need.”

Justin Chang, Network Security Engineer, said: “I'm extremely impressed at how well the team has come together in this extraordinary time to make sure that everyone in the company can do their job without disruption. We will all continue working hard to ensure everyone has what they need to be productive in this crucial period.”

Jonathan Chao, Help Desk Specialist said: “During this difficult time, I’m willing to sacrifice my own time to protect the company.”

DSFederal salutes the entire IT Services department for their dedication and sacrifice.

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