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DSFederal Rolls Out New Core Values

We, at DSFederal, have established a daring vision—to be the Federal government’s go-to partner for innovative end-to-end solutions that advance health and safety missions—which, ultimately serves to advance our own mission to improve human life through transformative solutions.  

We quickly realized that in order to achieve our mission—also known as our Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG), according to business researcher and expert, Jim Collins—we must have robust core values to drive our vision.

Thus, I am excited to roll out DSFederal’s new 2020 core values to you:

DSFederal Core Values:

1. People First

  • We support our staff, our families and our communities.

  • We foster a high-performance, high-integrity culture rooted in trust and accountability.

  • We create leaders by focusing on their competency, passion and potential.

2. Disciplined Business Practices

  • We are disciplined in investing in technology and people to meet future demands.

  • We will execute flawlessly and seek opportunities for improvement constantly.

3. Customer Centric

  • We engage with customers whose health and safety missions align with our values and strategic goals.

  • We are intensely focused on driving customer satisfaction, innovation and efficiency on every project.

4. Value Creation

  • We drive excellent financial performance to support growth.

  • We are good stewards of our customers’ funding and deliver added value to their mission

At the end of the day, building a visionary company requires 1% vision and 99% alignment. Both our leadership team as well the day-to-day hard work you bring to DSFederal ensures our continued and precise alignment to our core values, vision, and mission. With your commitment, we come closer and closer to playing an indispensable role in the Federal technological arena.

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