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Echo Wang steers DSFederal toward health IT excellence

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Project Manager Echo Wang has served at DSFederal for five years in several roles. She has been a data analyst, a business analyst, a researcher, and in most recent years, she has fulfilled her dream of more impactful public health work with her projects involving the Office of Financial Administrative Management (OFAM), Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) and award-winning Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) HIV/AIDS Bureau Building Futures Technical Assistance Toolkit.

Growing up, Echo always saw herself becoming a doctor, but as she grew older, she discovered her path in public health.

“I realized that a doctor can save one life at a time,” she said. “But public health can save millions of lives at a time.”

Today, as the project manager for HRSA MCHB and Healthy Start, she proficiently facilitates daily communication across stakeholders to ensure successful project oversight. With over half a decade of experience in leading projects in public health and research, her expertise includes project management, data analysis, program evaluation and health IT.

What sets Echo’s expertise apart from technical project management is her ability to provide subject matter expertise in health services research, cancer epidemiology, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, nutrition and behavioral health, health informatics, precision medicine and personalized care.

“As the Project Manager, you are the last gate for everything you send to the customer,” Echo said. On a typical day, she is intensively involved in making sure all documents are presented to our clients with accurate and high-quality reporting. “Client understanding is crucial. I know what they care about and I always think about their priority in my communication. My clients at HRSA are mission-driven; so am I.”

Echo stays close to the pulse of the latest trends in public health as a part-time student at Johns Hopkins University, where she is pursuing a doctoral degree in Public Health. She uses the practical and leadership training she is gaining at school— particularly in public health informatics and data science—to contribute to DSFederal projects, especially ones that are expanding DSFederal’s impact within the health IT arena. Her contributions to DSFederal’s expertise in data standardization, analytics, health IT, expansion of research methods, and customized user experiences ensure that DSFederal continues to push the envelope forward at premiere medical and public health research agencies.

Echo’s vision and drive to bring DSFederal to the forefront of health IT is paralleled only by DSFederal’s appreciation for her contributions to all areas of expertise within the company.

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