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Software Engineer Tenki Gu Delivers Optimum Quality

For three years, Software Test Engineer Tenki Gu has made sure that products we deliver for core projects, including the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA), the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), and the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) are of the highest quality and exceed client requirements and expectations.

Tenki left the faraway shores of his native China in 2015, looking for opportunity in the growing IT field the States. At first, he was worried about his life-changing transition, but eventually grew excitement for the new journey because he was given the opportunity to chase his dreams. 

Tenki began his exploration of the IT arena while studying for a master’s degree in Information Systems at the University of Maryland, College Park. His coursework included a plethora of IT classes, allowing him to immerse himself in software development and testing, computer networking and data mining.

“It was so exciting! All I ever wanted to be was an IT person," he said.

Before delivering a product, whether it’s software or a website, Tenki always makes sure it is well-made, easy to use and functions according to the system requirement specifications (SRS).

Not an easy job, but this talented “tester” handles it like a pro. Take, for example, his work with the HRSA project. Every time the website is changed or upgraded, he tests its functionality and makes sure it works properly. A change could be adjusting the year of a downloadable file or ensuring that a two-factor authentication is well implemented, while an update could involve making sure security updates don’t impact system functionality.

When Tenki spoke about testing, it was like listening in on a master class: “Testing is a two-part process: there’s lower-level which involves thinking like the user would. Putting myself in his mind. How will the system work if you forget your password? I pretend I’m the user and look at functionality from there.

Then there’s the higher-level, automated testing. I use Selenium software to test DSFederal’s software. I prefer the high level because it allows me to mimic hundreds of users and be unlimited in my testing.”

“It’s a broad field,” Tenki said. “Automation will be implemented even more at higher levels. DSFederal is moving in that direction. I love the websites (we create) as much as their creators do, although I’m always trying to “break” them. I feel honored to work with my skillful and talented colleagues to deliver the best products to the customers.”

Tenki imbues each of his projects with brilliance and care. DSFederal is strong because his testing expertise ensures each product adheres to the highest quality standards. Thank you Tenki!

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