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Stefani Olsen Promoted to Vice President of IT Services

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Stefani Olsen to Vice President of IT Services. Stefani has been with DSFederal since 2013, serving as an important resource, supporting Project Managers and keeping her finger on the company's fast pulse.

In this new position, Stefani will serve as the liaison between Programs and Business Development. She'll have the challenging task of developing new performance standards for project management, sharing these with Project Managers, and then stepping back to empower them to get the job done.

She called this role an "internal Subject Matter Expert," and said she's excited to be part of the company's movement toward a servant-leadership model. She said this will give her "more time to work with Business Development and PMs and serve as a communication liaison."

"Stefani is passionate," CEO Sophia Parker said. "She encompasses everything we want to have here at DSFederal. We're lucky to have her. She's like a tree: she grows roots, branches and leaves. She brings oxygen to the organization."

DSFederal is thrilled to welcome Stefani into this new role!

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