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Web Developer Nneka Hector Smoothly Navigates the Road of Work/Life Balance

One thing’s for sure: Nneka Hector loves her work. All of it. As Project Manager of three teams-- the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and HHS Office of Research and Integrity (ORI)-- her life is a one-woman juggling act .

Nneka first started working at DSFederal as a web developer, supporting Drupal development efforts at the USDA National Agricultural Library (NAL). Two years later, she began assisting in the website redesign of, and soon after, began working on the ONC team.

“I spend half my time working on ONC," Nneka said. "It was my first project as a project manager. I appreciate the fact that the PM and I have developed a positive relationship that allows me to understand him.” Nneka has led the ONC team’s through high-level tasks, including website changes to’s Cures Act Final Rule and Interoperability Standards Advisory (ISA). Her team smoothly handles content changes like replacing documents, updating content, configuration changes within Drupal or website code changes.

She spends a fourth of her time managing a team of Web Content managers supporting the NIFA website, and the rest is allocated to working with a team of developers maintaining ORI websites and applications.

Because of her brilliance, the ONC team is on the cusp of web development, most recently having used a combination of USWDS and React JavaScript for the front end of the ONC Cures Act Final Rule while maintaining a backend and housing the data using Drupal 8. 

“Cloud computing is important," Nneka said. "Us being positioned to be able to support that type of work is critical, and it’ll continue to be that way in the future. I try to represent DSFederal whenever I can. We’re in the Drupal space and we do have a talented group of staff who are able to solve big problems.”

All of these roles give Nneka more than enough to juggle her work-life balance. “I have a family so I have to balance a lot. My job responsibilities, my Drupal.Gov responsibilities and my family responsibilities. I also assist in managing an investment club that was started 15 years ago, so I’m busy! But I like what I do, and I love web development.”

Thank you, Nneka, for the gift of your incredible team-building and web development acumen. DSFederal is fortunate that your road has led you home to us.

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