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Web Developer Yuanyuang Zhang Goes Above and Beyond

“[She] has consistently been stellar at anticipating our needs, adapting quickly to changing priorities, truly understanding the goals of the work we’re doing...and jumping in to offer alternative solutions to issues.”

“...she’s gone above and beyond expectations – throwing together an alternative, enhanced version of the Standards Version Advancement Process page that provides a better end-user experience for our site visitors, and even makes keeping the page updated easier for us (which we hadn’t asked for), all in about a one-day turn around...allowing us to roll-out a much nicer page to align with the release of our recent rule.”

“...[She] is a total rock star who we hope continues to be assigned to work with us on this.”

These are just the kinds of commendations one would expect of DSFederal Senior Web Developer, Yuanyuan Zhang, who received this high praise from her client regarding her work on the ONC ISA site contract. Yuanyuan, however, takes the feedback in stride.

One client had a critical requirement he requested Yuanyuan to push out. He asked for numerous documents to be uploaded and functionality additions to be done within several hours.  

“I came up with a solution that was better than he planned," she said. "We built a page that looks very nice with all the required functionality. He’s not techy but I put everything together and he was very satisfied. We communicated throughout the weekend, going back and forth with feedback. At the end of it, he was happy. He appreciated that I was willing to help over the weekend. There’s also a time zone difference since he’s in CA. I had to work late but I was willing to be on standby.”

Yuanyuan’s love of IT began many years earlier, as a first grader, when she watched her dad assemble a computer with his bare hands and thought to herself,this is magical.Shetried her hand at computers and eventually became proficient. She earned her degree in Information Systems at the University of Maryland, College Park, and got her start at DSFederal when she first met Sophia seven years ago, while volunteering for another company.

Today, as Lead Developer on the ONC/ISA project, Yuanyuan credits her team’s project manager, Nneka Hector, for the team’s success: “Nneka is a great manager. She’s so transparent. She gives me technical guidance and room to grow.”

Like all forward thinkers, Yuanyuan deeply ponders the future of her industry.

“Drupal is coming out this year and there are different versions. If we don’t migrate, the older version won’t be supported by the Drupal community. Maybe we can work on migration to Drupal 9 so we can be on the frontline. She adds, “There’s a lot of new technology coming out. For ONC Cures we used ReAct. It’s new, and we were glad we were able to use it.”

She’s hopeful that DSFederal can adopt more new technologies in order to help clients in new ways. “I’d love to use Node.js which is a new backend framework in JavaScript. Also PHP is a language we are starting to use.”

DSFederal takes pride in pleasing its clients. Thank you, Yuanyuan, for setting the bar high in customer satisfaction and going above and beyond the call of duty.

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